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Present your research at our inaugural international conference in the beautiful setting of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the 2010 Winter Olympics city. Our venue is Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue at the downtown campus. Our theme is "The City: Culture, Society, Technology." Meet us in Vancouver on November 6th and 7th, 2009.


   Conference Information and Call for Papers

       All proposals will be refereed.

       We welcome individual twenty minute paper proposals, panel proposals (three twenty minute papers), and symposium proposals (up to four linked papers with a moderator or discussant in a single session). We also welcome proposals for creative performances related to our theme (literary readings and performances, for example).
We welcome proposals from any disciplinary perspective,as well as those that cross disciplinary boundaries, on The City: Culture, Society, Technology. Topics might include:

    -the city and literature, art or culture
    -social perspectives on the city
    -cities and crime
    -urban space & planning: history, shifts, and trends, or future directions in urban planning         and space usage
    -cities and leisure
    -the city and the garden
    -architectural perspectives on cities
    -mass transit: history, shifts and trends, or future directions
    -mapping cities, including the changes effected by technology
    -technology and communication in cities
    -virtual cities
    -urban living
    -the psychology of urban life 
    -the city and education
    -other configurations welcome

  Please send 300 word proposals by August 1, 2009 for fullest consideration. Proposals submitted after this deadline will be considered on a space available basis.
    Registration Information--coming soon
    Accommodation Information--coming soon
    Travel Information--coming soon.

    Publishing Your Paper With Us
        We will publish an electronic edition of conference proceedings based on the papers that are submitted to us. The edition will have an ISBN number.