New Journal Issue

November 21st, 2011

The Proceedings issue of the journal for the 2011 conference is now published. Please note that we will update the issue shortly to add several pieces still in editing.

The City 2 Conference Draft Program

April 15th, 2011

This is the draft program and schedule for “The City: 2nd International Conference”, to be held at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 5 and 6, 2011

Last updated April 28, 2011

May 5

8:10, registration desk opens

Session 1
8:30 – 10:10

Room 370

Chair, Carolyn Beasley, Swinbourne University of Technology

“From Hansom Cabs to Harbour Raves: a History of the City in Australian Crime Fiction”
Carolyn Beasley, Swinbourne University of Technology

“Building Cities, Building Worlds: Cities in Play”
Jason Bainbridge, Swinbourne University of Technology

“Theming Space: Integrating Melbourne’s Casino Into an Arts Precinct”
Peter Craig McIntosh, Swinbourne University of Technology

Room 470

Chair: Melissa Anne Currie, Texas Tech University

“Uncovering Foundational Elements of the Design of Small Urban Spaces – Landscape Architecture/Small Urban Spaces”
Melissa Anne Currie, Texas Tech University

“Reconnecting Humans With Nature in Urban Natural Areas – Nature + Urban Areas”
John Buchko, Washington State University

“Welcome to Bachoura, or the Found City as Interstice”
Carole Levesque, American University of Beirut

“Reconverting Industrial Sites: The High Line Experience”
Renata Maciel Jardim, PUC-Rio & Technische Universität Braunschweig

Session 2

Room 370

Chair: Duncan Low

“Cultural Heritage Areas of Historic Cities: Alanya Inner Castle Settlement”
Selen Onur


“The 2010 Cultural Olympiad Impact Study”
Duncan Low

“Revitalization From the Bottom-up: Cultural Micro Planning With New Media”
Tanya Sondergaard Toft, Copenahgen University

“Culture and the City: Mapping International Cultural Centers”
Monika Skorska, University of Amsterdam

Room 470

Chair: Beatrice J Choi, New York University

“Growing Against the Grain: How New Architectural Shapes and Sustainable Food Practices Cultivate a New Urban/Rural Rhetoric”
Beatrice J Choi, New York University

“The Effects of Urbanization on the Traditional Food Production”
Elitsa Rumenova Stoilova,TU/e and Plovdiv University

“Promoting Urban Agriculture and the Availability of Locally Produced Food in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area”
Michael John Broadway, Northern Michigan University

“The Global Roots Project: Transforming Cities and Food through Narrative”
Sara Udow, York University

Session 3

Room 370

Chair: Naomi Bartz, University of Chicago

“Clockwork Thamesmead: Brutalism and Cinematic Architecture”
Ricarda Vidal, University of London

“Spatial Defragmentation and Social Appropriation, Notes on Safavid Urban Developments in 17th C. Isfahan”
M. Reza Shirazi, Somaiyeh Falahat, Technische Universität Berlin

“Radburn MMXI”
Michael David Martin, Iowa State University

“A Place in the Sun”
Jason Griffiths, University of Westminster

Room 470

Chair: Gernot Riether, Georgia Institute of Technology

“‘Leaving Jakarta’? Considering a new capital city for Indonesia”
Irina Mildawani, Richard Weller, The University of Western Australia

“‘Why Hackney and Not Hampstead?’ The City and the Working-Class Youth Gang: An Ethnographic Study”
Roger Daniel, University of Bedfordshire

“From Sprawl to Towns”
Gernot Riether, Georgia Institute of Technology

“The Evolution of a Mega City: The Case of Ibadan City, Nigeria”
Afolayan David Tolu, GIS Konsult

Session 4

Room 370

Chair: Michael Otchie, University of Liverpool

“A Study of (In)visibility in Ritualized Urban Placemaking”
Hannah McElgunn, McGill University

“From Escape to Escapism: The Role of Deconstruction in Everyday Life”
Michael Otchie, University of Liverpool

“Smart Phones, Social Media, and Navigating the City”
Govind Shanadi, University of Mount Union

“The Cellular City”
Nubras Samayeen, Howard University

Room 470

Chair: Naomi Bartz, University of Chicago

“Urban Citizenship and Playful Insurgency”
Lucas Freeman, University of Toronto

“The Invisible Heart of Brooklyn: A (Re)visualization of Public Space”
Meg Rooney, New York University

“Playing Out the New City: The Transformation of Public Space through Soccer, Parades and Mass Demonstrations” Kelly Main, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Sustainable Patterns and Factors in the Old and New Urban Neighborhoods (sample Kashan – Iran)
Meysam Hashemi, Alireza Delpazir, Ayat Moetamed Shariati

Session 5
3:50 – 5:30

Room 370

Chair: M. Thamilarasan

“Walk like a Zombie: Informed Identity in the Posthuman City”
Ryan Varga, York University

“‘Americanesque’: Exploring Modern Civic Identity at Buffalo City Hall”
Jennifer Walkowski, Clinton Brown Company Architecture

“Assesment of Façadism Examples in Turkey in Context of Urban Identity”
Mustafa Korumaz, Selcuk University & Middle East Technical University

Sociological perspectives on the Chennai City of Tamil Nadu, India
M. Thamilarasan

Room 470

Chair: Wendy R Jacobson, Virginia Tech

“Heritage Moment: Imagining Toronto’s Past – Historical Buildings”
Annika Linda Hannan, George Brown College

“Landscape Frameworks: Community Evolution Through Public Space – Public Open Space/Community”
Alissa North, University of Toronto

“Representation and Encounter: Public Space and Place Attachment in Gentrifying Neighborhoods”
Wendy R Jacobson, Kimberley R Rennick, Virginia Tech

“The Right to Employment: Argentina’s Empresas Recuperadas por sus Trabajadores (ERTs) and the Ley de Expropiación”
Patricia Kent, University of New Mexico

May 6

Session 6
8:30 – 10:10

Room 420

Chair: Joanna Berry, Newcastle University Business School

“Seattle Band Map: Mapping the Evolution of Seattle’s Artistic Relationships”
Joanna Berry, Newcastle University Business School

“Of Trams, Coffee-cups and the Guitar: Reading the ‘Bong Connection’ between Women and the City in Popular Lyrics”
Priyanka Basu, Jawaharlal Nehru University

“Assembling Identity for an Emerging Urbanity: Doha, Qatar as a Creative City”
Ali A. Alraouf, Qatar University

“Beyond the Last Paradise of the World: Changes and Innovation of Balinese Arts in Ubud to Promote a Living Culture”
Yusri Abdillah, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Room 370

Chair: Elena Polyudova, Research Institute of Art Education, Academy of Education

“Art Institutions in a City: FACT and the Liverpool Community”
Jane Clayton, University of Liverpool

“Narrativising Delhi: Socio-Literary-Cultural Constructions of the City”
Rachna Sethi, University of Delhi

“How to make the City of Vancouver Multi-Cultural: A User’s Guide “
Hatice Sitki

“New Perspectives of Aesthetic Experience of M-Generation Students”
Elena Polyudova, Research Institute of Art Education, Academy of Education

Session 7

Room 420

Chair: Ricarda Vidal, University of London

“Rethinking Scale in Water Governance: Urban Water Policy in Mexico”
Raul Pacheco-Vega, University of British Columbia

“Johannesburg -the Turbid Intersection of Water, Sustainability, Technology, Culture and Society”
Brian Charles Boshoff, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

“Stories From North to South: Why Some Sustainable Cities’ Initiatives Gain Significance and Become Embedded in Public Policy”
Naglaa Fathy El Dessouky, Mario Levesque, Memorial University

“The Factors Affecting Land-Use Change in Kalardasht, Caspian-Sea Region of Iran”
Ahmad Khatoon-Abadi, Isfahan University of Technology

Room 370

Chair: Panizza Ruth Allmark, Edith Cowan University

“Cities, Feminine Images and Gendered Spatial Boundaries”
Panizza Ruth Allmark, Edith Cowan University

“Reading ‘Muslim Space’ in Bombay Through Cinema”
Aravind Unni, University of California-Berkeley

“Pichação: A City Practiced by its Youth”
Gustavo Rebelo Coelho de Oliveira, UERJ – ProPEd (Brazil)

“Housing, Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)”
Steven Nabieu Rogers, University of Texas, Arlington

Session 8

Poster Session

Room 370

“Evaluation of New Additional Storeys to Historical Buildings in the Example of Istanbul in the Context of Sustainable Urban Development”
Mustafa Korumaz, Selcuk University & Middle East Technical University

“Evaluation of Courtyard Space and Courtyard-lifestyle in the Context of Swahili Architecture and Culture: Case Dtudy of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania”
Swai Ombeni Andrew, Kyushu University

“Technology Development Intelligent Transportation System: A Perspective for Indian Conditions”
Ambrish Saurakia, Sirajuddin Ahmed, Abid Haleem, Subhamay Gangopadhyay, Central Road Research Institute

“Infrastructure as Urbanism: Reflections Upon the Morphogenesis of the Landscape and Territory of the Lisbon’s Railway Ring”
Heraldo Ferreira Borges, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

“An Analysis to Challenges and Contradictions in Revitalization of Historic Center of City in Iran”
Mir Saeed Moosavi, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch

“The Influence of Women on Shifts in Environmentalism, Preservation, and the Built Environment”
Melissa Anne Currie, Texas Tech University

“Are We Approaching a Post-Architect Age in Residential Architecture in the City?”
Adedeji Adebola Adepeju

Session 9
1:00 – 2:40

Room 420

Chair: Hatice Sitki

“Crowd Sourced City: Seeing the City Through a New Lens”
Sarah Williams, Columbia University

“Resilience Thinking and the Future of Urban Planning: Why the Concept of Resilience Represents the Best Theory to Approach Urban Planning”
Duncan Wlodarczak, Simon Fraser University

“Significance of Emotional Intelligence in UK Social Housing: A reference to Weaver Vale Housing Trust UK”
Mohsin Riaz, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Urban Space of Intense Interaction”
Gernot Riether, Georgia Institute of Technology

Room 370

Chair: Ruth Panizza Allmark, Edith Cowan University

“The Everyday Aesthetics of Experiencing the City: Iterative Structure and the Mundane Sublime”
Jennifer Dyer, Memorial University

“Remembering the City”
Ines Rae, University of Plymouth

“Science in Elizabethan London: Thomas Hood and the Mathematical Lecture of the City of London”
Jonathan Klauke, Central Michigan University

“Ushering into Modernity & Nationhood: The Mumbai City and the University in Partnership, 1857 – 1947”
Aravind Gururao Ganachari, University of Mumbai

Session 10
2:50 – 5:00

Room 420

Chair: Mathivanan Sakthivel, University of Madras

“The Images of Women in Three One-Act Plays of Steven Patrick C. Fernandez (A Study on Gender and Culture)”
Jean Graciela Enriquez Peñola, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology

“Measuring Outdoor Advertising in the Clutter Commercial Urban Streetscape: Take Taiwan as Case Study”
Ayusta Panjaya

“Hierarchy of Towns in Greater Chennai a GIS approach: 1971-2001 – GIS”
Mathivanan Sakthivel, University of Madras

“Impact of MRTS on Urban Air Pollution: A Case Study of NOIDA MRTS Rail Corridor”
Sirajuddin Ahmed, Neeraj Sharma, Ashok Kumar Agarhari, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University)

Room 370

Conference Special Event

Documentary Film Screening:

“Lights, Camera, PICHAÇÃO”

Direction: Gustavo Coelho and Marcelo Guerra
Co-Direction: Bruno Caetano

100 minutes.

The City: 2nd International Conference

September 17th, 2010

Conference Focus: Culture, Society, Technology


Present your research at the second international “The City” conference in the beautiful setting of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the 2010 Winter Olympics city. Our venue is Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue at the downtown campus. The first “The City” conference, held in November of 2009, was a magnificent success, including participants from over 15 countries. Conference proceedings can be found in our online journal (see:

Our theme is “The City: Culture, Society, Technology.” Meet us in Vancouver on May 5 and 6, 2011.

Papers will be published as Interdisciplinary Themes 3.1 (2011), ISSN 1920-3241, on the website.

The Planned World Conference

May 8th, 2010

We are now taking submissions for our next conference: The Planned World: Urban, Rural, Wild.

The conference will be held at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 5-6, 2010.

Please click on the “Conferences” link on the sidebar for further information and to submit a proposal.

All papers will be published as a “Proceedings” issue in our online journal, at the option of the author. Please see our inaugural issue (click on the “Journal” link and then choose “Current” for the issue) for further information.

Inaugural Issue Now Published

November 15th, 2009

We are pleased to publish the proceedings of our inaugural conference, “The City: Culture, Society, Technology” as issue 1.1 (2009) of the Interdisciplinary Themes Journal. Inside the issue, you will find a set of high quality papers that were presented at the conference as well as one video presentation. Please browse, read, and enjoy–and if you wish to appear in a future issue of the journal we invite you to submit a proposal for one of our conferences. After you present, we will be happy to publish your paper in the journal issue devoted to the conference as a set of proceedings.